The history of Bed And Bath’s success started in 1992, under its original name of Cannon Home Fashion which represented the CANNON white linen collection in Greece. In 2003, with a brand new name ‘Bed And Bath’, the company developed its portfolio of brands, including FIELDCREST, WAVERLY, CHARISMA, MOLINA, JOUTSEN, KING KOIL USA and many other successful brand names. Bed and Bath now operates in Greece and Cyprus.

Our primary concern is always to provide special branded high-quality products, while emphasizing great variety and great value for money.

The existing cooperation with CANNON and the new exclusive agreements with some of the best home brands in the world (FIELDCREST, WAVERLY, CHARISMA), gave us the ability to create a big product collection with an outstanding quality and affordable prices that can cater to every customer’s needs.

Thus, in 2008 we entered a strategic partnership with one of the best companies in mattress production in the USA, ‘King Koil’, launching a big collection of different types and sizes of mattress at great prices.

We provide the Greek customer the ability to choose a mattress with the best production quality, using eco-friendly materials with the latest technological production developments at the best price.

BED & BATH recognises that today’s consumers are highly informed and asking for the best, both in product quality and service.

We are completely prepared for this challenge. Bed and Bath customers are safe in the knowledge that they are buying the best quality at the best price.

We build our future day by day, supported by our founding principles:

Best product quality,
Great variety,
Best value for money.

We invest in strong partnerships, maintaining and enhancing the momentum and passion of each of our partners. We will continue to reinforce our identity as a company which invests heaviliy in new working methods, organizational structures and new technologies.

Bed and Bath’s short term goal is growth throughout Europe and in the Balkans, via the opening of brand new stores.

In 2009 Bed & Bath achieved one of its basic targets in building a new, state-of-the-art warehouse facility, incorporating the latest technologies of logistics.

The new warehouse facilitates the successful delivery operation by increasing the temporal and spatial availability of goods, thereby helping to satisfy customer demands. Our warehouse is 3.100 square meters consisting of 3.500 different palettes for goods.

By operating the new warehouse, our products are immediately available to every customer, easier and quicker.By using the latest logistics technologies (WMS - Warehouse Management System), we have increased our productivity and have a far more efficient operating system.

Increase Productivity -> Accurate & Fast Service
Organized Operating -> Accurate Picking
Organized Orders -> Accurate & Fast Delivery
Organized Storage -> Saving Picking Time